Art Of Running has an expert staff of coaches to help you maximize your training and reach your goals. We can help with any form of running (from track to road and ultra marathon), adventure racing, and beyond.


ü Objective assessment of your strengths and weaknesses.

ü Set and achieve realistic goals.

ü Remove the doubt from your training.

ü Increase motivation.

ü Decrease chance of injury.

ü Learn to train systematically.

ü  Reaching your full potential.



 Art Of Running coaching staff has experience and expertise in a multitude of athletic performance endeavors, including:

§  Track and Field

§  Distance running

§  Marathons

§  Ultra marathons

§  X-country

§  Adventure Racing

§  Kids athletics

§  Sport specific running

§  Core functional training

§  Strength Training

§  Sport Massage

§  Sport Nutrition

§  Recovery from races



Regardless of how efficient your running technique looks, all athletes must have an overall training plan to guide them to their goal. Without a well-planned training plan, an athlete is lost. It is analogous to having a really fast, well-tuned race car but no map of the race course. You will go nowhere fast.


 Art Of Running, always keep our eyes on the big picture. Many of our clients are looking for a combination of technical help and programming guidance. Our training plans complement the technical training that we provide. If runners do not follow an optimal combination of intensity, volume and recovery in their training program, they will not be in a position to improve their performance and maximize their technical skills. Even worse, injuries can result.


We provide training plans for short-term goals, annual planning or multi-year planning. The training plan will be built around a foundation of proper technique to help you in your sport of choice. In addition, prescriptions for weight training, flexibility work and recovery-regeneration can also be a part of your overall plan.

Art Of Running, we provide the highest level of quality service and support to all of our clients. The attention to detail that we provide in the area of running Biomechanics and training is unsurpassed.

For on-line clients, we provide detailed analysis reports on their video footage, as well as personalized training programs tailored to their mechanical and physiological needs. The technical review will determine the main thrust of the training program depending on whether or not they have a specific strength deficiency, a flexibility issue or an inappropriate motor program.


Benefit of being a member of Art Of Running

·        Individual Program to suit your level of fitness and running ability.

·        Fitness and Health Assessment and continual monitoring.

·        Motivational-ongoing coaching, tips and advice.

·        Variety- different and exciting workouts.

·        Goal Setting.

·        Location- beautiful outdoor locations.

·        Healthy lifestyle.

·        Social- part of a member  which include braai after event, motivational talks from elite runners.

·        Economical- and affordable fees.

·        Option of home training.

·        Affiliation to our running Club if desired.

·        Discount in shop and companies which partners with us.

·        Chance of winning in our monthly and yearly competition. 

·        Discount in our running seminars and coaching clinics.

·        Invitation to our year end function and awards.


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1.    Train smart. Too many times people feel the need to train as hard as they can day in and day out, all without really knowing why. Our goal is to teach when to push and when to back off.

2.    Know and understand the purpose of each run. If you can truly understand why you are running each run, easy days included, then you are more likely to become a better runner both mentally and physically.

3.    Consistent, long term development. Champions are not developed overnight, Degrees are not obtained overnight and time is needed to reach your own personal best. Being consistent with training allows every runner to achieve more in the long term than short bursts of really great training, followed by setback.

4.    Maintained of communication. No matter what your level of ability, keeping an open line of communication between athlete and coach is vital for the athlete's development. If the coach doesn't know what is occurring during training, then adjustments are harder to make and the athlete suffers setback.

5.    Engage in race specific training, but maintain training balance. Every race trained for needs to incorporate race specific workout, however, no area of training should be completely neglected.