When you workout outdoors you are in an ever-changing environment. You must adjust swiftly to different terrain, inclines, declines, obstacles and climates. This improves your body-mind connection and sharpens your balance, agility, strength and coordination. You burn more fat and calories! You also get an immediate sense of accomplishment! Our Outdoor Boot camps or Functional Fitness Classes are the best way to rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit. Extensive research continues to show the many benefits of outdoor fitness, which include dramatic increases in fitness level, the ability to burn more calories, a measurable reduction in stress, and increased feelings of well-being. Working out outdoors in our Boot camps will leave you feeling alert, refreshed and uplifted.


Our Boot camps are ongoing and typically run in 8 -16week intervals, meeting two to four times per week. We accommodate ALL ages and fitness levels and you have the ability to burn 600-1100 calories per class, and 1800 � 3300 per week. You will develop flexibility, functional strength, cardiovascular and muscular endurance, increase fat loss, agility, coordination, balance, and develop core stability, strength and power.



What should I expect?

Every day is different! We will work on Functional Strength, Cardiovascular Training, Core Stability and Strength, Abdominals, Flexibility in an interval style program.

Typical Workout:

  • Active and Dynamic Flexibility
  • Calisthenics                                     
  • Body Weight Movements
  • Running/Agility-Cardio Drills
  • Medicine Ball Drills
  • Obstacle Courses
  • Partner Drills
  • Abdominal and Core Exercises

What do I need to bring to class?

 You MUST bring your own mat, water, towel...Please wear sturdy, comfortable sneakers or all terrain running shoes that will support our activity. Dress in layers when it's cooler out.

Will I fit in with the group?

The class is geared towards every fitness level and for ALL Ages. Current participants range from 10 - 63 yrs old, and sedentary to athlete. (�although we always suggest kids under the age of 13 till 6 to enroll in the Art Of Running Kids Athletics classes.�)  The class is designed with exercises that can be modified for beginners and made more difficult for the advanced. Whatever your fitness level you will be welcomed into the group! We all have similar goals here�.Fat loss, tone and develop muscles, increase our cardiovascular levels, improve endurance and develop strength.


 What certifications do the instructors have?

Our instructors are certified through The Health Fitness professional association (HFPA), The Exercise Teachers academy (ETA), University Degrees and diplomas, and other supplemental certifications.


Cancellation, Tardiness, and Absenteeism Policy for Boot camps

Please refer to our policies and procedures form.

* You will be required to sign a Fitness 'Policies + Procedures Form' when you join. This form will go into more detail.


What is the cost for these classes?


Please come experience your FREE class!

Classes are priced at R 600/Session on signing a 12-16 weeks full term program.

Packages offered (see price list)



Payments Accepted?

We accept Bank Transfers, Checks, and Cash. Payments must be made prior to the start date of the boot camp or before the start of the class.

There is a R 80 service charge for returned checks.




Can I bring a friend?

We encourage you to bring friends or partners to the class. Their first class will be FREE. You receive a free class the following month if they sign up. Signup 3 friends and receive a FREE MONTH! Or look more info on our reward program.

Medical Releases

Always consult your physician before starting a strenuous exercise program! You will be required to fill out a waiver before you participate in any of our programs.


Email or call for more information.:">  




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